Some tools to help you with your cuppa

We have some fun downloadable tools that you can use to enhance your Hospice Cuppa

Hospice Cuppa DIY Bunting
Bunting is a fun, fashionable way to liven up your venue – whether it be your lounge, work place or somewhere different.

You can make your own bunting by sewing pretty pieces of fabric along a string, or even folding different sized paper doilies in half over a string.

For an easier version we have created two sets of printable bunting click here or here to download your own set!

Cuppa Quiz Questions
A new quiz to test your guests knowledge on hospice, tea and coffee! Click here for the quiz and here for the answers.

Downloadable Invite
Do you need to invite a few more people to your Cuppa? You can download a printable version of the Hospice Cuppa Invite to send to your guests

Downloadable Invite
Are you hosting a Cuppa in your workplace? Print off this downloadable poster, write in the details of your Cuppa and put it in a place where everyone can see it!