Be inspired by these ideas

A Hospice Cuppa doesn't just have to be a morning or afternoon tea. You can add your own fun twist to help you make more money and have lots of fun! Below are some general ideas followed by some real life examples of Hospice Cuppa's with a twist.
We are always looking for original Hospice Cuppa ideas and Hospice stories for our website, newsletter or even local publications so if you would like to share please do get in touch with your local hospice (click on the link at the bottom of the page).

Ideas & Inspirations:

Hospice Cuppa DIY Bunting Have a bake off!
You could do this with friends or with work colleagues. Get those you know to be keen bakers to bring along their best work and have a guest judge (or you could be the judge if you like) to decide the winner. Depending on how big your bake off is you could even have categories such as biscuits & slices, cakes & muffins.

One company even had New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker presenter – Colin Mathura-Jeffree as their judge last year!
People could bring a donation to try the treats – or event to enter the competition.


Theme your cuppa.
There are so many fun themes that you can work with. How about a Mad Hatters Tea Party, or a Mother's day special – theming around Mother's day? You could choose your favourite film or a season, ask your guests to dress up and the best dressed could win a prize?
Jane Trask hosted a themed Cuppa last year:
"We had our Hospice Cuppa yesterday and it was lots of fun. We had an old fashioned Tea Party – dress up optional…."


Have a networking cuppa.
Why not let your Hospice Cuppa double as a business networking event? BNI Ponsonby is doing just that this year inviting local businesses to attend a Cuppa to raise funds for hospice and network with other businesses in the area.
Last year Air New Zealand did the same:
Air New Zealand Contact Centre at Smales Farm, held a Hospice Cuppa in the main foyer in the Air New Zealand Building in June. They invited people who worked in the surrounding businesses to attend. A great day was had by all. Lots of gorgeous cupcakes and sweet delights were made by the Air New Zealand staff for everyone to enjoy. They also raffled a lovely Tea Party themed cake which was made by one of their colleagues. They raised a fabulous $1132.80 for the Hospice and also had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.


Have a cuppa on a special day or in honour of someone.
Part of the thought around Hospice Cuppa is that of taking the time to reflect and remember. Why not have a cuppa in honour of a loved one? Gather your mutual friends to celebrate your loved ones life.

Last year Rhonda Pool did just that: "Everyone had a good time and it certainly made my first Mothers day without mum easier. I intend to do one every year. Thank you for the amazing job you all do."


Think outside the box:
A Hospice Cuppa doesn't just have to be a morning or afternoon tea. Do something that suits you and your friends. Whether it be breakfast, cocktails, dinner, a 'cuppa soup' party, a picnic, a few beers after work or a blind tea tasting. All you really need to do is make sure you enjoy yourself while helping Hospice to continue it's vital work!
You could even have a mid-winter Christmas party with some delicious Santa themed treats?